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Small Batches. Premium Ingredients. Handcrafted.

Always Gluten Free.

Country Stone Distillery is proud to offer our handcrafted Vodkas and Ruhms.  Our Distillery is about simple, from scratch, handcrafted premium spirits that have both an amazing taste and character.  Much like an old country stone home, our craft spirits offer cozy charm and an original feel.  Just as each stone was placed with precision, dedication and hard work, so is the way we make our handcrafted spirits.  There are no shortcuts in crafting the walls of an old country stone home, and you won't find any shortcuts in the crafting of our spirits. 


Our passion for great tasting, local, hand crafted distilled spirits is what drives us. We are dedicated to providing premium true craft spirits.

Craft Distilling in Spruce Grove Alberta. Gluten Free Rum and Vodka

What is Craft Distilling?

Craft spirits are the products of an independently-owned distillery, where the product is actually distilled and bottled on-site. Craft distillers infuse their products with unique qualities using locally sourced ingredients. Ultimately, craft distilleries distinguish themselves from the competition by focusing on their craftsmanship and bringing a subtle character to their final spirit.


Many distilleries have "craft" options available, however they often outsource a large portion of the "craft work". When we say we have true craft products, that means that we have created them ourselves from scratch. No shortcuts whatsoever. We use the finest in raw material and ferment it all ourselves in house. This allows us to have higher quality products and gives us the option of changing very small details about our products to create something truly special for our customers to enjoy.

Meet Dwayne.

Owner / Operator of Country Stone Distillery

Dwayne Bizeau has an absolute passion for Craft Spirits. Dwayne is happiest when he is able to work in the Distillery, hand crafting each and every bottle. He loves when he gets to share his knowledge and insight with customers.  Country Stone Distillery is a family owned and operated business. You can find Dwayne grinning from ear to ear when his grandkids are around and he's in "Papa Mode". You might recognize Dwayne from On Par, which is another business he owns.

Originally from New Brunswick, Dwayne moved to Alberta in 1997.  A Millwright by trade, its no surprise that Dwayne's training and experience has translated to the Craft Distilling process.  Precision, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving are amongst some of the Millwright skills that Dwayne uses to perfect Country Stone Distillery's Spirits. 


Dwayne values honesty, hard work, integrity and doing the job "right" without shortcuts.  All of which you can find in Country Stone Distillery's Spirits. 

Dwayne Bizeau owner and operator of Country Stone Distillery
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