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Who are we?

Country Stone Distillery is a locally owned distillery in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Here at Country Stone we are dedicated to providing our customers with a true craft product. In order to achieve this we strive to handcraft our products every step of the way with no shortcuts involved. This way we can ensure the highest quality product reaches our customers hands for each and every bottle we provide. 


What is a true craft product?

Many distilleries have "craft" options available, however they often outsource a large portion of the "craft work". When we say we have true craft products, that means that we have created them ourselves from scratch. No shortcuts whatsoever. We use the finest in raw material and ferment it all ourselves in house. This allows us to have higher quality products and gives us the option of changing very small details about our products to create something truly special for our customers to enjoy.

Meet The Man Behind It All

Country Stone Logo.jpeg

Dwayne Bizeau

Welcome to Country Stone Distillery, the premier locally-owned distillery in the Spruce Grove area. Led by the passionate and innovative Dwayne Bizeau, Country Stone Distillery is dedicated to offering high-quality craft spirits to the community.

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