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Handcrafted Spirits

We are a craft distillery, this means that we have created our spirits ourselves from scratch. No shortcuts. No outsourcing. Our spirits are hand made with the best raw materials and fermented in house. Our attention to detail allows us to have higher quality finished spirits.  As a result of all of this hard work and attention to details Country Stone Distillery is proud to craft spirits that are truly special.  We are honored to share our handcrafted spirits with you.

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Spiced Rum
Locally Made Craft Vodka

Award Winning
Alberta Handcrafted Spirits 

We are honored to have received awards and recognition for our craft spirits.  Our Spiced Rhum, Garlic Vodka and Top of The Morning (Coffee Vodka) were the silver winners of the National 2023 Artisan Distiller's of Canada Award. 

We were also the recipients of the 2022 Alberta Beverage Awards.  The Alberta Beverage awards are open to beverages from all around the world.  Alberta has a very competitive beverage market and we are pleased to be recognized for our Garlic Vodka and Top of the Morning. Our Spiced Ruhm was also recognized as the Judges' Selection.

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Always Gluten Free. 

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